SCOTT Athlete Questionaire

How and when did you start riding, how has it evolved ever since and what got you into racing?

I started riding when I was 3 or 4 years old in the yard with my dad. I remember when he took the throttle stop out of my PW and I thought I was on a rocket ship! My dad has owned a motorcycle dealership (Cycle Specialty) since 1971. “Selling fun since 71” I went to all the endures that he raced growing up and that evolved into me racing the junior races eventually. From then we just kept racing and travelling. That was simply what we did with our weekends, we would Go Race!

Was there any particular experience that made you consider pursuing going pro?

I never really considered riding professional as my career. All the way up to 2006 when I won my first National Enduro Championship I was still pursuing school and trying to just find a way to get a job with flexibility that would allow me to keep riding and racing my dirtbike! I always have a drive to better myself at what I am doing and that along with the support of my family is why I made it to the pro ranks.

Who were/ are your idols on and off the track?

I had posters in my room of Randy Hawkins, Bob Hannah, Jeremy Mcgrath, Steve Hatch, Mike Kiedrowski, and Shawn Palmer. There were others, but those were the main ones that I looked up to.
Do you have any specific goals for your racing in the future?
My goals are to exceed what has been done before. I want to break the number of enduro championships and have the record of 9 or more. I also want to excel in every form of offroad event that I enter. I want to be a well rounded rider in every aspect.
In what conditions and what terrain do you most enjoy riding?

I grew up riding the SE&TRA series and the riding in the southeast is still probably my favorite. I love riding in the sand and perfect condition GA red clay! There is nothing better than riding in wet sand or having the curled over red rut.

Any activities that aren’t moto related?

I love mountain biking. As similar as it may sound to dirtbikes, it seems completely different to me. Getting out in the woods, away from traffic and noise is soothing. I really enjoy the exploration aspect of it and riding new trails and being with a group of friends.
Please answer, if possible, with one word only.
Trick/Move: disco inferno
Band: Truckfighters
Movie: Rad
Book: Boggle
Drink: Coffee
Food: Chicken
Country: America!
Resort/Place to ride: BC
Car: Audi

What do you like about SCOTT?
SCOTT is an awesome company with great employees and they make great goggles!

What are your favorite SCOTT products?
Hustle Goggle

What SCOTT products are you using this year?
Hustle Goggle, Roll-Off Systems, Sunglasses, Fog Cloth/Spray.

Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years?
Dropping my dirtbike out of the top of a mountain to ride some awesome top secret trail and make a documentary about the adventure.

What sponsors do you ride for besides SCOTT?
Husaberg, FMF, Motorex, Dunlop, CycleNano, Sidi, TroyLeeDesigns Helmets, Rockwell, Rekluse, Renthal, RK, PG, Enduro Engineering, DVS, Hammer Nutrition, POD Knee Braces.

People you feel you need to thank:
My friends that keep me doing things that I wouldn’t do alone, my family for supporting me and always being there, and my sponsors for giving me what it takes to be successful!
What’s playing on your iPod right now?
Metric- Gold Guns Girls

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CycleNano HUSABERG Giveaway & Contingency!!!


CycleNano’s owner Ron Ruane has partnered with the 2013 AMA/Rekluse National Enduro Series to provide a contingent purse payout at each round. All Classes except the Pro Class are eligible.

$250 for 1st place, $125 for 2nd place, $75 for 3rd place

The podium results for all classes will be pooled and there will be one winner from all the first place riders, one winner from the second place riders and one winner from the third place riders. Drawings will be made at the end of the race day. Riders do not need to be present to win. In order to qualify in the CycleNano Contingency Program a purchase of $20 of product is required at each race or you can purchase $150 of product at one time for enrollment in the contingency pool for every round. Purchases can be made online or race weekend.

2013 Husaberg 2013 TE 250 Giveaway.

The overall winner of the women’s class in the 2013 National

Enduro Series will win the bike. There is nothing to buy or

program to enroll in. Win the Series, get the Bike!

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New Year, New Bike, new, new, 2013!


I couldn’t be more excited as we enter into the new racing year! There have been a lot of changes to my race program for 2013. After riding a KTM for the past 8 years and being apart of the Factory Race Team for the last 6, I initially felt like I would be leaving what I thought was the best out there. KTM gave me great support and the essentials to win. Now, I am looking forward to even more success with the Factory Husaberg Race Team! Husaberg has been making an obvious push in the US off-road market. They have already proved to be a seriously competitive brand abroad and had its own success here in the states. I am also excited to have my longtime competitor Mike Lafferty as a teammate again. He brings a lot of knowledge to the table and it will be fun working alongside him this year.

As for the bike itself I couldn’t be happier. I am riding a 300 two-stroke again and am PUMPED to be back on a chassis with PDS suspension! The new clutch design creates an even easier pull than ever before too! We have an East Coast suspension test coming up shortly and I know that I will be able to get the bike dialed quickly.

My bike isn’t the only thing that has changed for 2013, as I have many awesome new sponsors on board! One of my big personal supporters that has stepped up this year and who has also become a new sponsor for the National Enduro Series is Cycle Nano. They make a great spray on bike shine that works well for all kinds of applications. Cycle Nano will be at the races this year offering a contingency program and paying out a women’s pro purse. I am also happy to announce that Enduro Engineering is a part of my program. They have been a previous sponsor of mine in years past and definitely make the best hand guards period… along with a lot of other bullet proof products. This year I have changed my nutrition supplement regime to the credited company Hammer Nutrition! I am really enthusiastic to be a part of the Hammer Team as they make such a wide variety of products that are beneficial to racers. In the protection department I will be wearing POD knee braces. These braces provide protection that I not only trust, but are comfortable to wear as well. The new colors of blue and yellow will be a nice change and the Husaberg Gear I am wearing looks and fits great. Big thanks to all my standing sponsors and I will be back with another update soon!

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It is Already halfway through the year and there is a lot to be said about the season so far. It has been a bumpy ride for me this year making my way back from a couple preseason injuries. I am still making progress and improving as the year goes on. The FMF/KTM Team has put a great amount of effort in supporting me through my recovery and doing as much as they can to get me back to speed and comfortable on the bike. This is the first year that I have committed full time to the OMA Nationals, in addition to the National Enduro Series. Needless to say many of my weekends are taken up!

The OMA Series has been really enjoyable for me so far this year. The laid back feeling at the races mixed with technical and fresh singletrack make for really fun weekends! Being my first year following the circuit it has been a great experience riding all the new venues that I have never raced before. Bill Gusse and his crew put together great races, and do it out of pure passion for the sport. My main duels at these events have been battling with Nick Fahringer, and Paul Whibley. Both riders have been strong competitors and we have all been trading positions and a little paint! I am currently sitting 3rd in the Championship just shy of the runner up spot. Need to limit my mistakes and have a strong finish at the races to finish up front!

The National Enduro’s have been a work in progress for me as well. Steadily improving every race has led me to be in contention for the championship still as I sit in 3rd in points. The competition is rising every year and there is a stacked field that continues to grow. Just this past weekend was the 6th Round, which took place in Upton, WY. I finished 2nd behind Mike Lafferty by 15 seconds. It was a super lose race overall and I was happy to be challenging for the win. This was the first time racing a 300 here and the additional torque was great. The altitude at this race always makes for a tough bike setup. Both my past mechanic Tony Hall, and current tech Tanner Harding, helped get my bike dialed for the event and it was the best bike I have ever had there.

Now, that there are a few weeks between my next races I am taking the opportunity to visit some friends in Boulder, CO and do some fun mountain biking for a week. We have been having a blast riding downhill, parks, and cross country. Seems like a small altitude training camp really! I missed having my biking buddy Carl Clapsaddle with me this year aka (Cole Kirkpatrick,) but had Nick Fahringer and Geoff Braico come along for the ride instead! So far no crashes! Nick just likes to demonstrate his awesome dead sailor jumps to flat, Geoff likes to take woodchips to the face, and I seem to like riding down the mountain on rim or with a flapping dérailleur. Some goooood FUN!

Next week is the Annual KTM Dealer Show, which is taking place at Hangtown this year! I will be arriving in Sacramento, CA Monday and am super excited to ride all the 2013 models! I’ll be the inner circle informative on how good the new bikes are!!

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It has been a really really long time since I have updated my blog. A ton of really cool stuff has happened since the end of the last season! I originally had plans to keep doing some fun races in the off season, such as the final GNCC rounds, and Endurocross Finale in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, those plans were canceled abruptly. The second to last race of the GNCC series at Loretta Lynn’s was my last race of the year. I had a good race there rounding out the top 5. Later that night I drove to Alabama for a local MX race at Mill Creek. That turned out to not be the best idea for me as I would leave early the next morning for the ER with a broken wrist and collar bone. I knew right away that I was going to have a serious off season. For the first time I was relegated to really making downtime for myself. I had 2 pins put in my wrist to hold the head of the radius together, and a plate put into my collar bone to place the 3 pieces back together. My doc in Alabama did a great job and I am healing really well.
While I was down for the count, I still had the opportunity to do some really fun things. I had already planned to go to California for testing prior to the Endurocross, so I decided to keep the trip out there and hang out with friends and watch the race instead. I stayed with Caselli for the week leading up to the race and we had a blast! Kurt had a championship party that was killer and it really showed how much he appreciates everyone that helps him with all his success. (MUCH DESERVED) The whole Vegas weekend was an incredible experience for me as well!! Not only was I there to watch the Endurocross, but also for the AMA Hall of Fame Ceremony, and Champions Banquet. The Inductee Ceremony was interesting. I had the chance to meet some bigwigs in the industry, and also some nostalgic riders. It was awesome to be introduced to Bob Hannah, who I looked up to growing up and still have a poster of in my room at home! The next night we attended the Awards Banquet which was also located at the Red Rock Casino. The AMA did a great job setting up the room and serving an excellent dinner. It is always really fun having everyone together that has put in the same effort you have to achieve a championship. The surprise of the night came when the AMA announced the Athlete of the Year. I was blown away when they called me up to the stage!! I really had no idea that I was going to be picked. The other selected nominee’s for the award had a ton of credibility and each had a long list of accomplishments. It was a great feeling and I feel very rewarded to have been chosen for such a honor.
The rest of the year has been full of the paper side of the business and therapy. I am happy to be on the FMF/KTM Team for the next two years!! I have also continued support from all of my current sponsors! I am in the midst of updating my website with fresh pictures and updates so hold tight! I would like to announce one of my new sponsors that have come on board and that is DVS Shoes! Along with all the contractual developments for 2012 I would say that one of the biggest contracts that I am in the middle of negotiating is for buying my new house! Just north of Athens, GA will be my new homestead and I am super excited!! It has been a juggling act recently with training, house stuff, and rehab taking up most of my time.
The Holiday Season has been very fruitful for myself. I have had the luxury of downtime to actually spend more of my winter break with family and friends. My injury has been very frustrating, but at the same time it has been a kind of blessing in a way as it has given me the time to take the slow BIG steps that I needed to make in my life and career. I have some new ideas for the future and have the idea of a Riding School/Camp circulating around in my head! Right now, though it is time to get back to being a “slave to the grind,” and get prepared for the first National Enduro January 29!! I hope all of you have had exceptional holidays and look forward to seeing you at the races again soon!! Feliz Navidad!!

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2011 AMA/Recluse National Enduro Champion

October 1, 2011 marked the last round of the AMA National Enduro series this year. The final round was held in Matthews, IN, which has been a location that has served many championship battles for myself over the past few years. In normal fashion the title was on the line at the last race, and the points were only separated by a single point! My teammate Charlie Mullins was a nose ahead and fighting to make a repeat. This being the situation, the one who beat the other would win the championship no matter where we placed overall.
In the month leading up to the final race I stayed busy racing the local SE&TRA enduros and doing some testing to find a little bit of an edge. The last couple of nationals hadn’t been going in my favor, and I felt like I had been over-riding the bike. I decided to test out the 300. Some other riders had been riding them and doing well. I had actually never tested the 300 back to back to my 250. KTM sent tech Anthony Dibasillo down to my place to do some testing. We did laptimes at my home track and I instantly fell in love with the 3HoneyMoney! It was what I was looking for!! It allowed me to carry a higher gear in places and provided more bottom-end torque that helped carry momentum even better. I rode the 300 at a couple local races and had great results. I quickly felt comfortable and fast on the bike. I had also been riding with MX Trainer Matt Walker at his tracks and getting some good motos in with his riders. ( )
I decided to drive to Indy from Atl, GA so I could get up there a couple days early and ride some similar terrain. My friend, Andrew Marsh, helped drive and with all the preperations leading up to the race. Also, the Warner family offered a great place to ride before the race and fed us to the brim with their special “yardbird,” and potato soup! The weather was definitely cooler and wetter than at home. It had been raining all week long. I knew that this race could either be incredibly slick or have traction that makes you feel like your riding with spikes. It continued to rain off and on leading up to the race, but the high winds kept drying things out relatively quickly. A quick ride on the race bike Friday and I was set to go. My Mechanic, Tanner Harding, mounted Dunlop 31’s for the soft terrain and buttoned up all the odds and ends on the bike. I think I saw him check my spoke tension at least 15 times between Friday and Saturday morning.
The race started out with a 9 mile test right out of the pits. I had a great first test! The trail was still slick in spots, but was really fun and flowing. I won the first test and put 15 seconds on Charlie. My bike felt dialed and I was riding well and having fun. The second test would end up being thrown out, because the majority of riders missed a turn in the middle of the section. I also had a crash on a pavement road in that one!! Luckily, it wasn’t too bad and was able to get up and get going quickly. Tests 3,4, and 5 were all full of different terrain. We raced in cornfields, grass tracks, tight woods, sandy creek beds, and crossed our fair share of logs! All the rain the area had recieved made the river crossings pretty deep, which made for some great spectator points. I won those tests and only had a couple slide outs in the 5th. Going into the last section I had roughly a 50 second lead. The last test was 12 miles, the longest of the day. I stayed up right for the last section and rode a smart ride and still managed to win the test! It was the first race that I had won all the special tests and would be my 5th victory of the year!! Mullins and Lafferty both rode a great race as well, and it made a great day for KTM taking top honors!
I would really like to thank everyone who sent luck and wishes! I definitely felt all the support. HUGE thanks to my sponsors that worked hard and provided everything I needed to make it happen! My Team Sponsors: FMF/KTM, Motorex, Dunlop, Thor, Rekluse, Acerbis, Motion Pro, Muscle Milk, KTM_Powerwear/Parts, VP Racing Fuel, Renthal, WP. My Personal Sponsors: Sidi Boots, Scott Goggles, Troy Lee Designs Helmet, Hydrapak, CTI Knee Braces, Skull Candy, and Rockwell Time!

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The 86th ISDE visited Finland for only the second time; the first was in 1996 in Hameenlinna, which is two or so hours northwest of the seaside city of Kotka, which served as the base of operations for this edition. The race was characterized by its demanding conditions, made more so by the rain which fell for the first four days, sometimes in sheets, before giving way to a nice end to the week. Host country Finland dominated the top tier FIM World Trophy team competition, followed by Spain and Team USA. The U.S. Junior World Trophy team finished a solid fourth behind France, Sweden and Great Britain. It was a personal best finish for myself as I maintained a Gold Medal, 7th in E2, and 16th place Overall!

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